A Lesson in Time

We are all in a hurry, and so often we say “ I don’t have time”

I was guilty of the same in the past…

The thing is – all time is ours, we are present in it and we can chose how we use it.

Fast pace environment, I know.

We race to accomplish, to complete our tasks and at the end of the day, we can’t sleep.

If we could stop and notice the color of the sun, how beautiful clouds are.

When we are rushed, we don’t allow our soul to enjoy life. Life consists of small moments, like watching that orange leave fly, falling out of the tree or noticing that beautiful boy smiling at you in the store.

We can be spontaneous and extend that moment of awareness, where our soul could shine and rest.

May be at that point we would be able to act out of absolute sincerity, perform genuine act totally not on purpose…and when we open our eyes we will see what’s inside of us. ♥️

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