“You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.”

Hi! My name is Alina and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel

The Power of Yoga

Yoga draw me in to its loving power around 1998. I was overwhelmed how it affected my being. Later I took twists and turns, as life moved me to explore, as I had to provide living to me and my son. I was building my Insurance business starting in 2000. As I was navigating between my clients and corporation rules and requirements, Yoga helped me to stay balanced, to focus, to release stress through breath. I always felt my best Alleigh – yoga next to me in my life. It was always in my path. I was drawn by its magic powers. So many times, it showed up in my life truly in unexpected ways. Always protecting, always helping to uncover deepest corners of my soul. During last decade, I met my teacher who became my dear friend. I traveled with him to Yoga retreats in to a different parts of the world. Curiosity and knowledge expanded within me. Love for Yoga grew bigger and bigger together with my heart. When I think about Yoga in my life – it’s like being on the wave in the ocean- surrendering to it. Not giving in, but rather having a conversation and through that dialog bringing harmony and love in to each moment of my life. Breath…body…mind…harmony.

Hi! My name is Alina and I’m here to help you find the confidence you need to feel

Yoga Expert and Writer

I became a teacher years later, and it was not an easy path, but truly full of enthusiasm, conviction not to give up, in spite of thorns along the way. Somehow, I knew that I am in a right place, I knew that this is my calling, I knew that first you find thorns on the stems, before you can feel magnificence of the rose. And then, creating space in my home to teach Karma practices. After few months of teaching at home, I flew to practice in India. What an amazing New Year’s morning that was, when owner asked me to teach. Without preparation I guided practice for people from all over the world, I was baptized as a teacher in India! No notes after that, just feeling the energy of the students, sensing what they need. When I teach, it feels that I am connected to the source. I gather information from my students and bring them what they need. Each time it’s a different adventure, different creation. And when I see faces of my students after Savasana, – it’s just a pure blessing, moment of bliss. As if I am baptized again and again. Yoga is pulsing within me, it opened my mind, I write poetry, sharing it with my students. So fortunate to have this inner abundance in my life. Forever grateful.

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