Take away from yoga practice in India….As I find myself craving for that ocean breeze, waves, sunset, the earthly beauty of nature next  to me, I realize that when  you get away in to the world of simplicity and stillness, that’s when  you actually come back to a real gem  of your soul…In our modern […]

Life won’t happen ? as you wanted, or planned. The important thing is to be able to live with what is in a moment and being able to embrace current situation. When we practice Yoga, we are able to tune in to our inner power, find energy to accept, what ever situation we find ourselves in. Of course […]

Time to rest from the social media for a while…. Yoga practice is moving on, just reach out!Sharing one of my last poems for now…See you later. *******************************It’s really simpleNo glamour in these words No flags or marching in a cue like soviets in the past…If we could just remember each second, that this life is like […]

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