Motivation & SpiritualityCycles of Life, Love, Nature

Cycles of Life, Love, Nature

Coming back to this theme is never boring to me, because all what matters in I life is peace, love, stillness, gratitude. We come alone to this life, gifted with the spirit, and we leave alone. And this is far from sad…It could be just pure joy for all of us!  

I become balanced, when I touch nature, by exploring being outside, listening to the ocean, or in the forest, mountains during my travels. Or just catching a glimpse of it by gazing in to the sky, watching that cloud floating in form of the dolphin or another beautiful creature. That simple moment of stillness and simplicity fills up my heart and soul with happiness, love and calmness. 

When we practice silence, when silence, being alone is not our enemy, that’s when we are able to get in touch with our true nature, to really feel our soul, the most important gift we were given at birth. 

 So many times I’ve been asked how do I meditate, how can I do it? 

All I can say- no rules and regulations, no dos or don’ts.  Just finding your perfect silence, where mind is not holding on any thought, letting go… Blessing your thoughts and letting them go. May be sending love to people you know, imagining them surrounded by a beautiful light, blessing them including those who rubbed you the wrong way, just feeling in the heart that they are on their path of discovery. Knowing that you are not here to change them, they live by their choices. All you can do is send LOVE.

After all we are ALL in this life together. As Yoga teaches us there is no good or bad…

So many times it’s just how you chose to perceive it. 

Silence, stillness, mindful breath, nature is a true medicine for me. That’s when I get in touch with my inner love, that’s when I write my poetry, that’s when I receive and then able to share all I have with clients, students, friends, all people I meet.

One of my teachers Wayne Dyer says: “You can’t give out what you don’t have.” So true! 

We can’t create space of love and tranquility when we are constantly in a hurry, too busy to pay attention to simple but at the same time magnificent things in nature. Or taking time to look at loved once (and by “loved”, I mean everybody you interact with) eyes.

Taking time to listen, and really concentrating on what other human is trying to tell you.

Such a popular phrase, which I will never understand: “I don’t have time”. Who is controlling your time? It is your and only your decision not to have time, and usually you skip the most important time which you should dedicate towards your wellbeing (taking a walk, exercising, practicing yoga, meditating, exploring nature). That would be investment in your health, most important gift you can give to yourself. This is where your LOVE starts. Chose it!

We are not busy, we are not in a hurry, this is just the reality we are creating ourselves, instead of coming to silence, stillness, blessing the current moment and realizing that this life is a true miracle. We are a miracle, and by finding that inner Love, tranquility we can only make this world a better place. Step by step…

It’s really simple

No glamour in these words

No flags or marching in a cue like soviets in the past…

If we could just remember each second, 

That this life is like a blink

And we are mortal…

No kidding, hiding or pretending

All we need is just to face the truth

The essence of being kind not only for yourself,

But others

Like clock is ticking every second

To find reality within,

Connecting with compassion

To see yourself in others,

To mean your words

As if you are so truly hungry

For truth and love.


As if you can let go of ego,

As if you can follow with your gaze and see

Dissolve it in to the air you breathe

Just purity of bliss in this dimension

In this existence…

Let’s live the life,

Don’t let it live you

It could be really so, so SIMPLE…

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