Happiness… Even if you have eyes of love, some times it takes work to be happy, not always, unfortunately you can turn on that switch of being happy.

Events happen, our loved ones suffer, … sadness, events outside of our life’s You become thoughtful and go to the place of stillness, to be able to come back to being happy and share it.

Also, everyone’s perception of happiness is different.

May be we can create more light, just simply by being not so self centered, unselfish, not losing self love, but just being kinder, more understanding, may be just smiling to a person you don’t know, listening with your inner self, and hearing, your friend, not brushing away …

Working on releasing negative thoughts.

Finding inner beauty and saving it so you can share the light and may be, making someone happy will create more happiness  to you…

I know one thing for sure Yoga brings happiness in to my life, so I can be stronger and share that with others …

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