Happy Holidays

Waking up in the morning full of grace.
This is the time more than ever to think about clearing our thoughts, cleaning all corners of our lives. All intentions to be envisioned, being grateful more than ever. It’s with us every day, but during this season its on a higher dimension. May be now, we can think clearer than ever about how grateful we are to those special souls here or apart, grateful to those who brought joy, love or may be pain to get to where we are.
As I prepare for the trip to India to meet new people to deepen my soul and yoga practice, I am grateful to all, what is here and now, to that tree next to me I can hug, to my son’s heart, to loved ones wisdom, to that friend’s little son’s innocent and pure love, for being able to savor that fresh breath of air after challenging yoga practice.
Gratitude and inspiration is all around, sometimes we just need to pay attention and notice.
And when we live in peace and harmony, have an attitude of gratitude, that is when big magic happens, at that point, we can transform grief to joy, fear to love and dreams to reality!
Happy and peaceful Holidays to ALL! ♥️

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