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Life is Not Always Colorful

Life is not always colorful. Events happen and sometimes we can fall in to a fog, visibility is limited and at that point we should slow down.

Most of us are able to see where they are going and still move towards certain direction. Also that gray or darkness  is so different for everyone…

I remember, not so long ago, I was told that all people always have choices, it was said as if it was one truth for everyone.

But it was that  persons perspective, her truth.

Some times people do not have choices and they live and do what they have to, so they can simply feed their kids and survive having clarity in mind that fog will become smaller  and may be later, they will see streaming light, and have more choices in the future. Lots of my friends, who moved to this beautiful country, know exactly what I am talking about. Many of them experienced challenging situations,…and not only them, all of us fall in to a darkness and it could be because of many reasons…

It happens,  colors are just not so bright once in a while. Its important to know that some times it’s good to slow down, to pause and regain sense of direction,

Just to become friends with that fog, until it clears out.

Sometimes it takes an obstacle  to get us to stop and be still in the moment and do nothing.  We may look within, and may be we can find shining light inside of us, deep…

Being in a fog reminds us that we can always make a progress looking within, slowing down, and clearing the path with the new energy. Just being friendly with it, may be with the situation itself,

until colors of rainbow surrounding the sun come out again.

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