My India Trip

Take away from yoga practice in India….As I find myself craving for that ocean breeze, waves, sunset, the earthly beauty of nature next  to me, I realize that when  you get away in to the world of simplicity and stillness, that’s when  you actually come back to a real gem  of your soul…In our modern world we are so easy caught up in to the mindset of go-go-go, do-do-do, spreading through the day, on the same autopilot we come to Yoga practice and continue achieving, doing our vinyasas, rushing in to next pose. Not giving our bodies and minds enough rest and breath. YOGA is a harmony of mind, body, and soul. So much attention to the result, to how we will look in certain complicated asana, following by the numerous postings… Do we really think we attract more beautiful souls to join yoga love this way?Isn’t it an attachment to the result? In ancient times, meditation was the goal and asanas were just means of enhancing meditation practice. The physical level( fitness ) does very little to help us grow spiritually. Let’s find  the link between body and breath and mind, mind and soul. Let’s not separate asanas from breathing practice, let’s see the  real beauty in Warrior pose again! Let’s stay in this asana and feel stable, relaxed, and at ease for a long time…inhaling, feeling inner light, deeper self, contentment, shining  it all..

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