Reality of each moment passing in this existence, makes us think how precious every second, minute, breath, smile, sun, ocean, trees, grass, infinity of other little life’s blessings are.

Some times circumstances could bring us down and we think what can we change? And can it be done with our love and energy?

May be just the fact of reaching towards our desire could make us feel better. Or just even  saying simple prayer every day: “thank you”. And may be at that reaching point

we can find home, divine and peace inside of us.

And then, we will clearly feel, that there are always souls who will listen, accept, love and they will find true brilliance of inner home and connection with universe and you.

Because in spite of all our differences we have so much in common. It just takes time and may be different paths to find that inner home. But once we do, we can always come to that place and feel grateful. ♥️

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