Motivation & SpiritualitySo Much to Learn While We are Here

So Much to Learn While We are Here

Hello Friends, 
How are you? 
How deep are your inhalations?
Are you waking up with a smile on  your face?
Or maybe, putting it on consciously?
I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons, and it brings new dreams and hopes as you walk in this life, remembering to always enhance your nature.

I find myself using challenges, different events in my life to expand my spirituality.
It is definitely a process for everyone without an exception.

I am balancing every day, I am sure you are too.

 So much unknown in this world now, it affects us one way or another. But at this time, more than ever, we cannot really divide or separate hours of the day. It does not matter what we do: work, travel, meet friends, run errands, devote yourself to help others or align ourselves with nature,  meditate, practice yoga, all time of the day we can use  towards our spiritual growth. It should be inclusive. Time is irrelevant. 

Every breath should be fully used to balance our minds, to clearly bring inner wisdom and understand that we are responsible for our inner nature.

 We should use everything, all events, activities as the process for growth.As I tell my students (as they are also my teachers), we should start practicing Yoga, when we are OFF the matts. It’s not just for one or two hours. That is a process which continues constantly, just like our mindful breath.

There is no part- time in our spiritual development. Every word you say, every action should come from the sacred space in your heart, which you nourish each step of your life. 

When you love and respect yourself, your words and actions will correspond. Before searching for the Guru outside, you have to find inner Guru- YOU have to be your own Guru first, then teachers will come into your life.Spirituality is not some external goal that one must seek, but part of the divine core of us, which we must reveal.And when we feel it, we can integrate it. We start living, radiating peace, and truly believing that we can bring change into the world and that would make all darkness and cruelty vanish forever..

We can start each day with the thought : “I am ALIVE!”
Setting that day’s intention to live with purpose, dedication…
To encourage, to uplift, to touch someone’s soul.

I am so grateful to the source, divine energy for giving me strength to be able to organize a much needed Yoga- Purification Retreat this YEAR-2020! So many times, as I was building, visualizing, connecting, it seemed that it might not be possible. And,  as I realize more and more now- it was a true miracle. I know in my deepest core, in my soul, that LOVE is the strongest and truest  power of all.

 When you are driven by your true nature, when you follow the universal flow — that’s when ALL becomes possible.My biggest gratitude to YOU, who came, who did not give in to the fear. Also, to my  friends who were not able to come, but were a big support! You made the energy grow, you made that spring lake in Watervliet shine like a diamond and transcend the most beautiful colors of life into the world!

That’s when the dream became reality.

Leaving you with this for now….

I traveled far not to escape
But find the deepest barrels of my soul 
Like wales who spot from cost to cost 
Retaining breath
Without the worry 
Of any kind
Or hesitation when they jump
So much to learn while we are here 
To dig the tunnel for the source 

To  enter freely and savor space 
To elevate with liberation
In to the freedom of unknown
Exploring ways how spirit flies 
To the infinity of love
And  stories with no end.

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