Social Media Detox

Time to rest from the social media for a while…. Yoga practice is moving on, just reach out!
Sharing one of my last poems for now…
See you later.

It’s really simple
No glamour in these words 
No flags or marching in a cue like soviets in the past…
If we could just remember each second, that this 
life is like a blink 
And we are mortal
No kidding, hiding or pretending 
All we need just to face the truth 
the essence of being kind not only for yourself, but others
Like clock is ticking every second 
To find reality within,
Connecting with compassion 
To see yourself in others, 
To mean your words
As if you are so truly hungry 
For the truth and love 
As if you can let go of ego
As if you can follow with your gaze and see dissolve it in to the air you breathe 
Just purity of bliss in this dimension 
In this existence …
Let’s live the life , 
Don’t let it live us

It could be really so, so simple…

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