Teacher’s Day

Usually, I don’t give much meaning to the time itself and dates. Today,  I was associating with my sons performance,… coming up in the evening.

But at the same time my soul was uneasy, because I knew that there is something more! September 1st is  your day, mom!

Today I feel your energy you are with me , my mom, my teacher!  That’s the day when, after giving your love and light to the students you where receiving it back from them!

I realized, that  not so long ago, I got yoga teachers title.

Mom, it means you are in me, I follow your steps in my own way…

At the same time I think, when do we really become true teachers ? And the answer is: certainly not when someone gives you that title.

I remember each September 1st , our little apartment in my home land was floating with love flowers from your students, they where everywhere, even bathtub was full. It always seemed that day that you received all flowers of the world!

Today I want to thank you my mom, to truly showing what it means to be a teacher, as I felt your energy in Tuscany going through really tough yoga teacher training experience.

I felt your presence since the moment, I placed your favorite brooch on our Altar in Tuscany ( that’s what you are wearing in this picture)

I am just so grateful that you planted that real seed in me, the knowledge, true meaning  what it really takes to shine, to love, to be a real teacher.

Teacher is a light in the soul, which shines through brightly, unselfishly.

Teacher is peaceful

Teacher respects

Teacher responds

Teacher is mindful

Teacher inspires

Teacher is generous

and giving.

Teacher lifts you up

Helps your soul shine

Teacher encourages

Teacher is joy…

You are all of that and more!

That’s who you are in my heart,  just today I feel it more intensely and clearly, because of my experiences and realizations.

Thank you for putting that love and light in my heart.

It’s you who I carry inside.♥️

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